Outlaws Eat Lead


DIMLY LIT FILMS: THE FIRST FOUR SHORTS has been released on DVD! The disc contains all four of the shorts released by Dimly Lit Films between 2009 and 2013, as well as bonus features like a never before seen deleted clip from "FRANTIC UNDEAD", making of "GIANT SQUID" featurettes, and the trailers for all four films. The total runtime of →

“Outlaws Eat Lead” finishes post production, plus new trailer!

Dimly Lit Films first western, "Outlaws Eat Lead", finished post production in late April and is currently seeking film festivals for its premiere. The finished film clocks in at almost 8 minutes in length. In addition there is a new trailer for the film (see above). Enjoy!

“Outlaws Eat Lead” Nearing Completion!

There are just shy of six minutes finished on "Outlaws Eat Lead". I am looking forward to its completion by late Spring. The animated short is the third for Dimly Lit Films. It is the first western. The story centers around a female lead, Nellie, whose husband is viciously murdered by outlaws. The lady gunslinger tracks them to a remote →

Work continues on “Outlaws Eat Lead”…

Currently, there are just over four and a half minutes of footage completed on the Dimly Lit Films western short. I look forward to having a completed cartoon sometime in the summer. Until then, please feel free to click on the facebook icon in the corner of the page to check out a glimpse of what the short looks like →

New HD Teaser for “Outlaws Eat Lead”!

Production of “Outlaws Eat Lead” to Begin in June

"Outlaws Eat Lead", the third animated short from Dimly Lit Films, will officially begin production in late June 2011. The production will reunite cast members from the first two shorts in addition to featuring several new voices. From the synopsis: When Nellie's husband is murdered and her ranch is burned down, she sets out to exact revenge on those responsible. Animation on →

Work begins on “Outlaws Eat Lead”, “Giant Squid” News

The winter hibernation is coming to an end, so here is a short update of what you can expect from Dimly Lit Films in the coming months... I am currently finalizing the story which will become Dimly Lit Films' first western, titled "Outlaws Eat Lead". I expect to have a first draft script within the next several weeks. The production timeline →